A Little Information about Bill Austin...

Namaste!  I salute the Love/Spirit/Light within you!  Know that each and every one of you who views these words is a healer and teacher.  You are all magnificent, multi-dimensional beings of light.  You may have forgotten who you are but the veils are thinning fast on this planet as Earth moves into higher and higher levels of consciousness. 

My name is Bill Austin and my soul purpose in this incarnation is to heal the healers and to teach the teachers.  It is no accident that you find yourself viewing these pages.  Blessings to you dear one on your great adventure and journey into Oneness with all that is or was or ever shall be!

     How it all Began!

     Bill Austin's Credentials

     How I Approach Healing



How It All Began

My name is Bill Austin and I was raised in central Virginia.  I was the oldest child and I have a younger brother and sister.  My dad was an Industrial Arts school teacher and my mom was a registered nurse.  And now, many years later, I find myself teaching and healing - although in very different ways than my parents did.  I graduated from William and Mary with a BA in Economics in 1983.  I then worked for several years as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in DC and then I went on to get my law degree from the University of Virginia in 1990.

Although I went through a fundamentalist period in my late teens, I was a fairly conventional Episcopalian up until 1991.  In 1991, while on a Greyhound bus heading to Philly from DC, I experienced a huge mystical experience and opening - I felt this overwhelming sense of ecstasy, bliss and joy.  It was like a thousand watts of energy entering a body designed for hundred watts.  This twenty minutes of ecstasy changed my life and launched me on to the spiritual path.

Over the last fifteen years, I have explored meditation and many energy techniques which I have used to totally transform my life.  My spiritual path has included many cycles of clearing, forgiving, healing and releasing.  Around six years ago, I began to feel a call to heal and help others.  I resisted it for a while but it got stronger and stronger over time.  I experienced a distant energy healing clearing from some folks in Washington state, who were by some weird coincidence offering an energy healing class in Colorado and the rest was history…

Each day has become a new adventure in that I am constantly downloading new information and healing processes to assist others.  I am constantly learning and growing and expanding and my list of sessions reflects this path.  Although I downloaded my own modality from the Creator, increasingly my work revolves around just connecting with GOD directly to assist people.



Bill Austin's Credentials

I used to work with many healing modalities that others created and then they stopped working for me so I created my own - Practical Mastery™. Then I realized that the most powerful thing I could do was to align with GOD and ask to be the purest possible channel I could be for the energies of GOD to flow through and this is largely what my path today is like.


The energy healing modalities I used to work with include:

Energetic Practitioner for DNA Possibilities™
Levels 1 - 3

Into This Moment™ Level 1

Beginning and Intermediate Level
Yuen Method™

Theta Healing™

Usui Reiki Master, Levels 1-3

Karuna™  Reiki Master,  Levels 1 & 2

Jinlap Maitri Master Practitioner, Levels 1-5

Lightarian™ Reiki Master,  Levels 1-6

Ascension Reiki Master, Levels 1-9

Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki Master

Kormanu™ Levels I & II

Level 1 SoulWisdom™ Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technology™  



How I Approach Healing

I have studied, learned, assimilated and incorporated many different energy healing modalities and read hundreds of books on healing, spiritual growth, psychology, etc.  I also have worked with numerous energy healers who work with many different types of modalities.

I attract clients who are on intense paths to mastery.  My soul purpose in this lifetime is to heal healers and to teach teachers.  Almost all of my clients are healers or teachers who are trying to get as clear as possible so that they can help others and the planet.

My work mainly is to help people to raise their vibration so that when the planet ascends that they will as well.  My passions in life are personal/spiritual growth, healing Mother Earth and the distant energy healing work I offer to others. 

I am constantly tinkering with my menu of sessions, upgrading them, adding new ones, taking out ones that no longer resonate, etc.  The most important spiritual practice I do is to consciously align with GOD throughout the day and to live from that place of purity and integrity.